Custom Lanyard Printing

Length 90cm x Width 0.7cm - 3cm | Heat Transfer, Silkscreen Print, Embroidery | Choose and match accessories

Discover the Perfect Customised Lanyard for Your Brand!

Our customised lanyards are designed to enhance your brand's visibility and make a lasting impression. With our premium quality and unmatched customisation options, you'll have the perfect marketing tool to promote your brand effectively. Need a cardholder? We've got you covered with cardholders for every budget.

Unlock the potential of your brand with our customised lanyards. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let our team of experts guide you through the customisation process. Elevate your brand's visibility and leave a lasting impression with our exceptional customised lanyards!

  • Wide Range of Material and Customisation Options.
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  • 9 Years Experienced Custom Lanyard Printing Supplier.
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Lanyard Material

Smooth Polyester

Used for heat transfer print where the print is dyed directly into the lanyard fabric. Has a smooth and soft feel compared to nylon lanyards.

Textured Nylon

Used for silkscreen, nylon lanyards have a laid texture and a slightly glossy finish which can make your logo stand out more.

Custom Lanyard Prints

Heat Transfer Print

Our most popular and versatile print method, heat-transfer allows for full colour 4C printing to be done on a white base.

Silkscreen Print

Suitable for artwork with simple solid colours, lanyard prints done with silkscreen are sharper than heat transfer print and comes with a '3D' feel.


Lanyards done with embroidery have a natural and organic look. Plus it is extra durable.

Lanyard Joints

Crimped Joint

Riveted Joint

Stitched Joint

Leather Joint

Accessories for Lanyards

Hook - 01

Hook - 02

Hook - 03

Hook - 04

Hook - 05

Hook - 06

Hook - 07

Hook - 08

Hook - 09

Hook - 10

Hook - 11

Hook - 12

Hook - 13

Hook - 14

Hook - 15

Buckle - 01

Buckle - 02

Buckle - 03

Buckle - 04

Buckle - 05

Strap - 01

Strap - 02

Strap - 03

Strap - 04

Strap - 05

Safety - 01

Safety - 02

Safety - 03

Safety - 04

Reel - 01

Reel - 02

Cardholders for Lanyard

PVC Cardholder - Portrait

Frosted PVC Cardholder

PVC Cardholder - Landscape

Heavy Duty PVC Cardholder

Acrylic Cardholder

PU Leather Cardholder

PU Leather Cardholder

PU Leather Cardholder

PU Leather Cardholder

Custom PU Leather Cardholder

Custom Plastic Cardholder

Custom Plastic Cardholder