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Standard Bags - Heat Transfer

Specialized Bags

Non-woven Material

Print your custom artwork on our durable, water-resistant and reusable non-woven material. Comes in a wide range of colours. Thickness avaliable from 70 to 120gsm

Closeup of non-woven cloth material

Print Method

Closeup of Silkscreen printing

Silksceen Print

Silkscreen printing is cost effective and great for artworks with simple colours. Printed colours can be matched according to Pantone colour codes.

Closeup of Heat Transfer printing

Heat Transfer

Heat-transfer allows for full colour 4C printing on a select area on the bag. Cost will depend on size of print.

Closeup of Heat Transfer printing

Offset Print

Printed using CMYK process, offset printing allows for a greater range of colours and gradients effects. Option to laminate is avaliable.

Handle Stitching

Closeup of Line Stitch

Line Stitch

Standard Line Stitching with recommended holding weight of 5-6kgs

Closeup of Reinforced Cross Stitch

Reinforced Cross Stitch

Heavy duty cross stitching with recommended holding weight of 7-8kgs

Closeup of Heat Pattern Bond

Heat Pattern Bond

Pattern heat bond with recommended holding weight of 4-5kgs

Price Estimate - Non-woven Bags

Step 1: Choose size

Bag Size

Sizes are freely customizable. Sizes here are for reference purposes.

Step 2: Choose print method

Print Process

Silkscreen Print
Cost depends on number of colours. Inks can be mixed according to pantone colour code

Heat Transfer
Cost depends on size of heat transfer. For an exact quote, please contact us with the size of your print

Offset Laminated Print
Full Colour CMYK print, capable of printing spot colours. Better colour quality and superior texture compared to offset print. Choice of matte or gloss lamination.

Step 3: Choose number of print sides

Print Sides

Step 4: Choose Quantity





*Leadtime: 4 - 4.5 calender weeks, Express service, 3 weeks available with additional cost.

*Price includes delivery to one location.

*Price calculated based on 80gsm cloth & line stitch.

*The price above is an estimate of a typical print job, due to extensive customization avaliable, please contact us directly for the exact quote.

Add a Base

Closeup of Cardboard Base

Cardboard Base

Closeup of Cardboard base with layer of non-woven material

Cardboard Base with Layer of
Non-woven Material

Closeup of PE Plastic Base

PE Plastic Base

Cloth Colour Choices

  • c 01

  • c 02

  • c 03

  • c 04

  • c 05

  • c 06

  • c 07

  • c 08

  • c 09

  • c 10

  • c 11

  • c 12

  • c 13

  • c 14

  • c 15

  • c 16

  • c 17

  • c 18

  • c 19

  • c 20

  • c 21

  • c 22

  • c 23

  • c 24

  • c 25

  • c 26

  • c 27

  • c 28

  • c 29

  • c 30

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