• Artcard with red foil stamping
  • Artcard printed black with gold foil stamping
  • Full colour CMYK print with spot UV
  • Artcard with spot UV highlights
  • Custom teapot shaped namecard created by die-cut
  • White text with gold foil stamping
  • Full colour CMYK print
  • 270gsm Curious Matter with various foil stamping colours
  • 250gsm Curious Matter metallics with silver print
  • 280gsm laid textured card with foil stamping and embossing
  • 480gsm Cordenon's Board printed full background black
  • 380gsm Curious Skin Collection (black) with QR code foil stamped
  • 380gsm Curious Skin Collection (black) with silver foil stamping
  • 380gsm Curious Skin Collection (black) with gold foil stamping
  • 480gsm Cordenon's Board with bronze foil stamp and round corners
  • 480gsm Cordenon's Board with spot colour print
  • Full background debossing pattern
  • Kraft card with print and white foil stamp
  • Close up paper texture of 300gsm Conqueror Laid (white)
  • Close up paper texture of 285gsm Stardream Metallic (Silver)
  • Close up paper texture of 480gsm Cordenon's Board (White)
  • Close up paper texture of 270gsm Curious Skin Collection (pink)
  • Close up paper texture of 285gsm laid textured paper (white)
  • Close up paper texture of 300gsm Conqueror Smooth Wove (white)
  • Close up paper texture of 300gsm Conqueror Laid (Cream)
  • Close up paper texture of 450gsm WILD
  • Close up paper texture of 315gsm HannoArt Card
  • Close up paper texture of 480gsm Cordenon's Board
  • Close up paper texture of 350gsm Zanders
  • Close up paper texture of 550gsm White Crown
  • Close up paper texture of 380gsm Natural Evolution
  • Close up paper texture of 550gsm White Crown
  • Close up paper texture of 380gsm Curious Skin (violet)
  • Close up paper texture of 250gsm Rives Tradition
  • Close up paper texture of 285gsm Laid Textured Paper
  • Close up paper texture of 250gsm Rives Design (brilliant white)

Custom Name Card Printing

Within 90 x 54mm | CMYK/Spot Pantone Print
Foil Stamp | Emboss | Spot UV | Edge Painting/Gliding | Die-cut

Create connections with our custom printed namecards.

Our name cards are printed on the finest, high-quality cardstock, ensuring a luxurious look and feel. With exceptional durability, your cards will withstand the test of time, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

We understand that every individual and business has its own unique style. That's why we offer a wide range of customization options, from selecting the perfect color palette to choosing premium finishes like embossing, foil stamping, or matte coatings. Tailor your cards to reflect your personal brand with utmost precision.

  • Wide Range of Paper and Customization Options.
  • Competitive Pricing (see Price Checker Below).
  • 9 Years Experienced Name Card Printing Supplier in Singapore
  • Free Delivery and Free Basic Design Service.
  • Feel our Name Card Quality. Contact us for free samples.

Name Card Paper

Artcard Paper


Our classic high quality 300gsm art card stock is selected for its excellent print quality. A balanced all-rounder which can fit all professional purposes.

Luxury Paper - Rives Traditon


Add that extra touch of class with our luxurious paper stocks. Confident and polished, these papers convey prestige and sophistication

Creative Paper - Curious SKIN Collection


Sprinkle a dash of zest and enliven your image with our range of coloured and textured papers.

Explore our featured papers >>

Name Card Finishes

Foil stamped (bronze)

Foil Stamp

Dazzle your audience with our foil stamping. Choose from a wide range of foil colours.

Embossing effect on background


Raise a few eyebrows with our masterfully embossed namecards; guaranteed to let you stand out.

Raised text print effect on logo and text

Raised Text Print

Infuse your graphics and type with feeling and character by going for our raised text print.

Custom teapot shape with die-cutting


Create eye-catching patterns with our precision die-cuts.

Edge painted with spot colour on 380gsm Natural Evolution paper

Edge Paint

Bring out that edge in your cards with a tint of colour. Recommended for thicker card stock.

Spot UV without colour

Spot UV

Highlight design elements with spot UV finish to add emphasis. Areas covered by spot UV can be done with and without colour.

File Preparation

Recommended Setup

File Format:

We prefer Adobe Illustrator(.AI) vector files


Color Mode:


Edge Bleed:

3mm (if design runs to edge)

Safe Zone:



At least 300dpi or in vector format


If you are unsure, you can check out our help resources listed below for further information. You can also contact us directly.

Artwork Guide Frequently Asked Questions

Name Card Paper Guide

The right name card paper can go a long way in expressing the brand values of a company. We offer a wide selection of internationally sourced papers for your enterprise to choose from. The list of papers below is not exhaustive; do get in contact with us if you need a custom paper stock.

Classic Range

Artcard - 300gsm

Closeup of artcard paper

The workhorse of the printing industry, art papers are suitable for a wide variety of print jobs. Triple-coated with china clay, art papers have the highest quality of coated papers because of its good surface qualities. It can come with a matte or glossy finish.

Premium Range

HannoArt - 315gsm

Hannoart Logo Closeup of 315gsm HannoArt Paper

A unique triple-coating process gives HannoArt a notably smooth, uniform surface. Its even ink lay holds crisp details in addition to rich, dense solids, on an inviting blue-white shade. It is the paper with the quality you seek, at the right price.

Conqueror - 220gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm

Conqueror Logo Closeup of 300gsm Conqueror Laid Paper

Conqueror's line of laid textured paper conveys a strong sense of lineage and prestige. Whenever you need to communicate an important message and make an impression, Conqueror quality guarantees the message will be transmitted in the best possible way

Rives Design - 270gsm, 350gsm

Rives Logo Closeup of 250gsm Rives Design Paper

French manufacturer, Arjowiggins, created a contemporary, yet elegant, look in Rives Design. The fine mesh texture is pleasing to the eye and to the touch. Rives Design is perfect for everyday business use or for that special event.

Natural Evolution - 380gsm

Natural Evolution Logo Closeup of 380gsm Natural Evolution Paper

Natural evolution is characterized by an excellent stiffness and bulk, good opacity, a very particular touch and a high whiteness which improves contrasts at the printing stage. The papers enhance the result in offset printing and is considered to be similar to those of a matt coated paper.

Wild - 450gsm

WILD Logo Closeup of 450gsm WILD Paper

Wild Papers are produced with 35% cotton, giving it a natural and soft surface. The strength of the fibers, its tactile texture and superior bulk makes it a favourite pick amongst designers for debossing effects.

Cordenon's Board - 480gsm

Cordenon's Logo Closeup of 480gsm Cordenon's Board Paper

With top marks for stiffness and bulk, Cordenon's Board is the ideal paper to go for if you are looking for elegance and class. Its minimally textured surface allows it good versality for pursuing a range of printing and finish effects.

Creative Range

Curious SKIN/Matter - 270gsm, 380gsm

Curious Logo Closeup of 270gsm Curious SKIN Collection Paper

Available in 16 different colours, SKIN Curious Collection® exudes touchability with vibrant, even, matte colors and a smooth, sensual texture

KeayKolour Original - 300gsm

KeayKolour Logo Closeup of 300gsm Keaykolour Original Paper

With a natural feel and high rigidity, Keaykolour’s papers and boards offer a range of hues from muted to intense.

Stardream Metallics - 285gsm

Stardream Logo Closeup of 285gsm Stardream Metallics Paper

The bright spot in our collection, Stardream has the widest range of colours available. Its metallic pearlescent surface imparts a spectacular astral effect to each design piece, winning the hearts of many.

Kraft Card - 300gsm, 400gsm

Closeup of 300gsm Kraft Card Paper

Honest, reliable & rugged, kraft papers are a great way to project an organic image. Kraft papers have high elasticity and tear resistance which make them superb choices as materials for covers and namecards.